Logos: The good, the bad and the humorous…

LimeChilli Design Blog   •   June 24, 2017

Should you use Logo maker software?

What is a logo and why do I need one?

Your logo represents your company, your brand, and ultimately your value proposition to your clients. Many make the mistake of thinking that branding starts with a logo. It doesn’t. Branding is what you represent. Your logo should demonstrate who you are, rather than how you look.

A logo is not decorative, it works as an icon and so it needs to clearly represent your company.

Additionally, a logo can play various roles within your business, such as:

  • Providing a visual expression of your company’s brand.
  • Providing ‘personality’ to a faceless corporation.
  • Being a visual representative of the product/service you offer.

Logos: The Good

Below are some instantly recognisable logos. They are not merely a product of good colour choices and font choices, but rather represent their respective company’s identity.


Logos: The Bad

Not everyone gets it right however. Here are a few disastrous rebranding efforts, alongside how much they cost:

In October 2010 Gap decided to redesign their logo, a move that was met with such public mockery that it was reversed in only one week!

Estimated Cost:  $100 million


In 2002, Royal Mail rebranded itself as Conignia. Not only did they choose a name that meant nothing (what does Consignia even mean?), but it was also messing with a beloved British Brand (even if we do moan about it!)

Estimated Cost:  £1.5 million launch in January 2001, £1 million rebrand in February 2002.


In 2006 MasterCard introduced their new logo. When a logo has been recognisable for decades on shop doors for accepting your method of payment, it’s wise not to undertake such a major redesign.

Estimated Cost: Unknown, although thought to be in the tens of millions.


Logos: The humorous

Anyone can make a logo, right? Wrong. Don’t just take my word for it, check out these unfortunate logos, proof that even the ‘professionals’ get it wrong.


These logo’s have inspired the public to make their own improvements as to what the respective brands mean to them.


Still convinced free logo making software is for you?

If you’re still convinced that free logo making software is for you, then the following packages are a good place to start.

Free Logo Making Software: The options

The Logo Creator is free logo creation software that is provided for the price of a tweet.

It’s considered to be a fairly reliable piece of software, with good capabilities.

Logo Victory is a completely free logo design tool that lets you download a jpeg image. If you want other file formats, they have a small upgrade charge. They also offer paid services starting at $49. This was one of the only sites that offered a no-strings free logo.

Marketsplash requires registration to get started, but is entirely free.

It was actually built by HP so it’s not surprising that it’s relatively robust. Marketsplash allows you to download various versions of your logo.

Supalogo is perfect if you’re completely set on a quick turnaround (which I wouldn’t recommend). You simple enter your text, choose a few options and you’re ready to download. Additionally there are template samples that you can choose and edit for your own purposes.

CoolText as its name suggests, focusses upon stylising your text; Useful if you’re in a rush and you simple need your company name with a bit more life.

Need more than a free logo maker?

There are numerous important advantages to hiring a professional logo designer, here’s just a few:

  • Your logo will look professional.
  • Your logo will be unique and represent your brand clearly.
  • You won’t have issues with reproducing it for various purposes (e.g. for business cards or Web use).
  • You won’t need to redesign your logo anytime soon!

Just like I have helped hundreds of businesses with the perfect logo, I can help you too!

Get in touch today and let’s get started.

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